Xbox Scorpio VS PS4 - its Time for Microsoft to take the title back

MICROSOFT'S Xbox Scorpio has been given a dramatic boost by industry experts, which could finally see the Sony PS4 knocked off top spot.

Xbox Scorpio VS PS4

Xbox will regain its position as the number one console firm in the world when the Scorpio machine hits shelves later this year.

Microsoft's game team has fallen behind ever since rival Playstation launched its PS4 console in November 2013.

A confused message around the Xbox One console and botched marketing plan meant Xbox lost ground in the sales war with Sony's hit beast.

But that's all about to change according to industry expert Mat Pascatella.

The NPD Group chief reckons Xbox is about to regain its crown and start outselling PlayStation again like it did in the glory days of the Xbox 360.

He believes the winter launch of the Xbox Scorpio, dubbed the world's most powerful ever console, will send profits rocketing.

And even Sony's souped-up Playstation Pro machine won't be able to keep pace ahead of the Christmas sales rush.


He said: "I remain bullish on the Scorpio in the US market, particularly in the launch year.

"I think Scorpio has the potential to push Xbox One sales ahead of the PS4 in the US in 2017.

“Adoption among the core gaming audience could be significant.
"And, while this is a niche audience to target, it's the niche which is necessary to put the Scorpio on the path for longer term mass market adoption.”

But gamers will ultimately only really go crazy for the console if Microsoft announces a raft of top games worth buying alongside it at June's big E3 press conference.

"Ultimately people buy consoles to play great games,” Piscatella said.

“No matter how amazing the tech specs are, if the attractive content doesn't show up, the mass market won't adopt.”

The Scorpio fightback comes as industry experts suggest more developers are turning their backs on the fading Xbox One console.

The machine was slated ahead of its release because it promised to be an "all in one" TV and gaming unit and required constant internet connectivity to work.

But Microsoft embarrassingly backtracked on both ideas over time, allowing the gamer-focused PS4 to conquer in the sales war.

DFC Intelligence head David Cole said: "Microsoft once was going to go after a broad consumer base but now they are stuck targeting the bleeding edge of game consumers that want the highest performing hardware and are more concerned with specs than actual games.

"In DFC's latest report on upcoming games, we noted that more and more developers are opting not to release Xbox One versions of their games this season.

"Project Scorpio does not give them a reason to change that because it is really targeted towards core Xbox fans that are already converted.

"For Scorpio to succeed Microsoft somehow needs to convince non-Xbox owners to convert."

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