Over 10,000 Games With Artwork 1-4 Player
Fastest 100 MB/s 64GB MicroSD
Upscaled & Optimized for the best performance available Pixel Perfect
Official 5V 3A power lead

Spare USB type 3.0 port to conect keybord and mouse
2X Highest Quality Wireless Pads (3X AAA Batteries Included)
1 Year Warranty - UK Manufactured

The Android system is our most powerful bundle and offers the best performance from N64 & PS1 titles.

Our own custom-made software features overlays and menus that are easy to use, intuitive and contain box art and game descriptions where available. 


Systems Included Are:

Arcade (MAME)

Arcade Classics

Atari 2600

Atari 7800

Apple 2

Commodore 64

PC Engine

Nintendo (Nes)

Family Disk System

Super Nintendo (Snes)

Nintendo N64

Sega Master System

Sega Megadrive

Sega 32X

Neo Geo

PlayStation 1

Atari Lynx

Game and Watch


Gameboy Colour

Gameboy Advanced


Neo Geo Pocket

Spectrum zx


Wonderswan Colour


System Comes with a full Lifetime warranty from failure if the games or front end fails, we will reload for free.


Warranty Excludes Damage 




CyberJam Retro Mini Gameulator