Xbox news recap: better social media support on Scorpio, transcribing voice chat and more

Jon Washbourn @John washbourn

Better social media support being worked on, likely by Scorpio’s release

A Twitter user has come to Xbox’s Mike Ybarra on Twitter with some issues regarding the console’s social media sharing – something he wants to “Get straight before Scorpio.” Ybarra responded by saying that he knows social media on Xbox is “bad” now, and that they’re working on it. Judging from their response, it looks like we’ll be seeing an overhauled social media experience on Xbox. Whether the change comes with the release of Scorpio or before that is yet to be seen, but we’ve got something of a time frame now.

Voice chat transcription being introduced to Xbox

Some excellent news for hearing-impaired gamers: voice-to-text functionality is being added to voice chat on Xbox. The first game to be supported by the feature will be Halo Wars 2, which seems to be a fairly good first option. Both voice-to-text and text-to-voice will be supported by the new feature, so you’ll be able to tweak your voice chat experience in whatever way works best for you.

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