Mr. Shifty Breaks onto the Nintendo Switch.

Mr.Shifty is a new offering from Team Shifty and Tiny Build available on Steam and the new Nintendo Switch. You play the part of Mr.Shifty, don't worry you are not some kind of sleazy low life that sits and looks shifty in the corner of a night club, instead you would fit in nicely as an Xmen regular, with the ability to 'shift' forward through space making you disappear and re-appear just a few feet forward, through walls, doors, or even people!

The task at hand is to break into the world’s most secure facility and steal some plutonium from the evil Chairman Stone.

Using your abilities you are able to shift through bullets and master lightning-fast takedowns as you infiltrate the secure building, however, you are only able to take one hit! So using and mastering your abilities is paramount as you have to take on dozens and dozens of armed guards, snipers, and thugs. Shifting through walls smacking a couple of thugs around a bit and back out before you get shot or hit by another guard becomes a real challenge, as each area introduces something new, such as glass walls, computer terminals, and switches just to make your life a little harder, and if you think you might just rush through the area you are out of luck as all enemy's need to be dispatched before you can move on. But you just wait for the laser alarm systems you have to traverse without tripping a beam, it gets really hectic!

As a game it looks fairly simple, the visuals are clean and clear, with a top down look, you are able to clearly tell what everything is, you also have an aid called Nyx calling in to give you information on what to expect on each level or where to head. The controls are extremely responsive, as they would need to be for such a quick game, and the music is really catchy and helps maintain the manic feel of the game, although it does sound like it is from some 80's American cop show!


So is it fun? I hear you ask! Yes it really is a blast to play, everything is knitted together nicely and the gameplay is varied enough, one area you are booting thugs out of the glass windows to a Hans Gruber death, or kicking a door into their face, the next see's you running and shifting as you dance around laser beams as one touch is certain death! You are even able to pick up items like brooms to Kung-fu your way through the army of thugs! All the while shifting every second or so to avoid the bullets that are flying in all directions!

Once you have completed a stage you are able to return to that stage and try to better your time or reduce your number of deaths, allowing a little extra life to the game, as everyone likes to try to better themselves, or even challenge a buddy to try and beat them.


So all in all, Mr.Shifty seems to be a great addition to the Nintendo Switch list of games and seems really suited to the Switch, true it's not going to set the world on fire, and a lot better games are out there, but it fits nicely as a portable filler allowing for some fast, enjoyable playing whilst on the move.



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