CyberJam Gaming was born to bring gaming to Hampshire and beyond, we offer e-sports gaming events where we give people the chance to win prizes and meet other like minded gamers and friends. We are currently based in Southampton but always looking to expand and build our team. 

So if you have a passion for gaming feel free to drop us a message!

We look forward to hearing from you!

now offering custom gaming Birthday parties

Founding Members
Sam Clark

Electrical engineer with over 10 years experience, Sam has a real passion for gaming and all things techy, Sam is either working on a new project or upgrading an old one, He is also our resident Pokemon Go master.

Becca Price

Becca has had a real passion for gaming from a young age and  She possesses great event planning and management skills.... And she makes a killer cup of tea.

Hayley Clark

Hayley is the wife of Sam and a founding member of Cyberjam. She also deals with the admin and planing side of events and is in control of the prizes for all events.

Team Members